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From Anthony:

“The LASIK eye surgery I received from the Mann Eye Institute was amazing. The entire process was stress-free and the post-surgery instructions were clear and easy to follow.

The consultation was even easier than I expected. The team made me feel comfortable during the consultation and advised me that I had eye allergies that needed to be addressed before having LASIK. A simple prescription fixed that problem.

The LASIK surgery was conducted by Dr. Jennifer Melton and her team. Dr. Melton was great and, although I was nervous on game day, she and her staff made me feel very comfortable.

LASIK Testimonial

The surgery lasted no longer than 10 minutes. Dr. Melton’s surgery room played good music on the radio, and it was a comfortable atmosphere despite being a surgical setting.

The LASIK that I received from Mann Eye Institute has really been a great investment in myself. As a Houston Police officer that works the night shift, LASIK has really improved my safety in so many ways. My glasses would fog up when exiting the patrol car, causing me to remove them while dealing with patrons.

The idiom ‘I can’t believe my eyes’ is a very true statement. I would ALWAYS second-guess myself and double-check addresses and hundred blocks while driving at night because I would always struggle to see without LASIK.

Mann Eye Institute has improved the quality of life I now enjoy with LASIK.”

We’re delighted this Houston police officer can now See Houston Better because of having Advanced LASIK with us. 

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