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Listen, 2020. We’re tired of you telling us what we can’t do. We can’t go to concerts, festivals or many major sporting events. We can’t take that much-anticipated trip to Europe. And we can’t go anywhere without a face mask!

The world health pandemic has affected different people in different ways. Some people have faced sickness and loss. Others of us have had to pivot hard and fast, learning how to facilitate remote learning for our kids, remote work for ourselves, virtual doctor’s appointments, and all kinds of other new things. We’ve missed out on graduations, entire sports seasons, important family gatherings and so much more.

Whether you’ve been impacted by COVID-19 in a personal way or not, it’s been a weird year. One for the books. If there’s been a silver lining at all, it’s that just maybe the forced slowdown has allowed you to carve out a little extra time to focus on what really matters. Things like your health, your relationships with family and friends, and the future. That’s something we can all do!

Focus on the Future? CAN Do.

At Mann Eye, we’re focusing on what we can do, too. We can help more people just like you step into visual freedom and See Life Better with procedures like life-changing LASIK.

With LASIK at Mann Eye, you could be free to enjoy every moment of your life without the hassles of glasses and contacts. That’s right. Imagine all the family fun of the upcoming holiday season. And imagine facing 2021 with the confidence that comes with improved vision unhindered by the inconveniences of glasses and contacts.

Choose Mann Eye Institute? CAN Do.

In the history of laser vision correction, there really has never been a better time to have LASIK. No, really. Our Advanced LASIK procedure is more precise, more customized and enjoys better outcomes than ever before. At one time, LASIK was performed using blades. Some places still use them, so be careful if you’re still researching and deciding where to go. At Mann Eye Institute, our Advanced LASIK is 100% all laser.

Three major pillars that anchor Mann Eye Institute are technology, surgeon experience, and value. We are completely dedicated to giving our patients everything they deserve – experienced surgeons using the latest laser vision correction technology available, delivering improved vision at the best price possible.

For 43 years (and counting!), our accomplished eye specialists have been at the forefront of vision correction. Our experienced surgeons have collectively performed hundreds of thousands of LASIK procedures, giving them the experience and expertise to predict results more accurately.

Make LASIK More Affordable than Ever? CAN Do.

Finally, our Guaranteed Approval Financing, great pricing (which goes through the end of the year) and affordable payment options make LASIK more affordable than ever for more people than ever. If the price scares you, let’s talk. We believe the opportunity to See Life Better should be within reach of everyone and work hard to offer affordable financing options that fit just about any budget. And don’t forget about that flex savings account (FSA) money you need to use before you lose it at the end of the year! there’s never been a better time to say yes! to LASIK.

Our unwavering commitment to personalized patient care, advanced surgical expertise, outstanding results and many affordable financing options have earned us a reputation for excellence in eye care. Thousands of patients from all over the country have trusted their vision to our dedicated team of board-certified ophthalmologists and eye surgeons. Are you ready to join them? Schedule your free LASIK consultation today.

It’s time to See Life Better with LASIK at Mann Eye. Can do!