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LASIK has been around long enough that it’s easy to assume it’s a one-size-fits-all procedure, and that it’s the same no matter where you go. Not true! LASIK has gone through some major upgrades over the years, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice to get anything less than the best (these are your eyes we’re talking about!).

Here at Mann Eye, we use the latest, proven technologies for our Advanced LASIK procedures, and we will get to that a bit later. But let’s lay the groundwork by answering the question of why technology really matters. I mean, a laser is a laser, right? Well, not really. It matters because technology is directly related to more accurate results and faster recoveries. And who doesn’t want a better outcome and a speedier recovery? Exactly.

Low-Cost LASIK is Linked to Old Technology

Oh, discount LASIK. You’ve probably heard of it. Some low-cost LASIK providers advertise LASIK starting at $XXX! (with the $XXX being a low-ball, attention-grabbing number). Sounds great, right? Maybe too good to be true? Well, your mom was right; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Here are some things to look out for with low-cost LASIK:

  • Prescription-based pricing. Discount LASIK often comes with hidden costs. More than likely, the “hook” price is only for the correction of very mild vision issues, typically, up to -1.00 diopter with up to -1.00 diopter of astigmatism. That means the prescription is so minimal, anyone who qualified wouldn’t really even need LASIK! If you have farsightedness, astigmatism, or moderate nearsightedness, your cost will likely be significantly higher.
  • Tiered pricing. Similar to prescription-based pricing, tiered pricing uses a sliding scale approach where the lowest (discount) price is attached to very minimal prescriptions, older technology and fewer extras. As the technology improves and the prescription increases, so does the price!
  • Old technology. Discount LASIK almost always equals old technology. This can mean two things. One, the surgeon is using a blade technique instead of a laser. Modern LASIK, known as bladeless or all-laser, is more precise with less risk for complications. And two, the surgeon is using a dated laser platform. Even if your surgeon performs bladeless LASIK, if the laser is 15 years old, the results will be less precise.

If you’re considering low-cost LASIK, make sure you ask for a written quote that itemizes everything in the offer. Ask about what laser a practice uses and when it was approved and adopted. After all, just because something still turns on and runs doesn’t mean you should still use it. Remember that clunky desktop computer you inherited from your dad and took to college? The one that took up your entire desk? Just because it still turns on when you plug it in doesn’t mean you’d want to try to work on it today.

And, finally, if a practice doesn’t know over the phone or won’t tell you what technology they use – GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Here at Mann Eye, we do things a little differently. Our LASIK pricing is fair, all-inclusive and easy to understand! Couple that with the latest technology (more on that below) in the hands of our experienced, board-certified eye surgeons, and you’ll understand why tens of thousands of Texans have trusted us to perform their LASIK.

So what is it that makes LASIK at Mann Eye Institute extra special? The doctors? Yes. The experience? Yes. And the technology, specifically when it comes to Contoura and Iris Registration.

Contoura: 100 Times More Custom

All modern LASIK systems will take imaging of your eye, but Contoura measures 22,000 points (whoa!) on your eye (compared to around 200 for most other imaging systems). That degree of customization is what allows for the amazing outcomes that Mann Eye is known for.

Iris Registration: Alignment Matters

In the past, doctors have used small marks to keep track of the small rotation caused by going from a seated to a lying position, but Iris Registration uses a picture of your iris to remove any human error from the equation. The better the alignment of the laser treatment, the higher the quality of the surgical result.

Coupled with our leading-edge laser platforms, Mann Eye’s technology game is strong. Don’t be fooled into thinking all LASIK is the same. Mann Eye can show you what truly Advanced LASIK can do for you.

When Value Meets Technology, all of Texas Can See Life Better

Do your eyes deserve the most advanced technology designed for better outcomes? Yes, they do. But that doesn’t mean your eyes (and the rest of you) don’t also deserve the best value. Fortunately, at Mann Eye, you won’t have to choose between the latest technology or a fair price on your LASIK procedure. You’ll get both.

We offer an upfront, comprehensive LASIK price that’s straightforward and honest. No bait and switch tactics here! We have affordable payment options and convenient financing options. Connect all that to our current specials (which are available to everyone!) and you have the long and short of Mann Eye’s LASIK pricing.

Why Mann Eye?

Decades of experience? Yes. The latest proven technologies? Absolutely. But there are so many more reasons to choose Mann Eye Institute for your LASIK procedure. From the first time you step foot into our offices to your surgery day and your post-operative appointments, our goal is this—providing an amazing, memorable, life-changing experience, visual freedom without the hassles of glasses and contacts and a lifetime membership in the Mann Eye Family. We can’t wait for you to See Life Better. Let’s do this.