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If we’ve learned anything in the past two years, it’s been the meaning of friendships, the importance of knowing those around you, and the value of good neighbors. More than ever, hometown connections and trusting relationships have become the bedrock of enduring communities.

That feeling of connectedness lends a particular sense of importance when finding a healthcare professional you trust with your most precious resource—your vision. People have trusted Mann Eye Institute for years and here’s why you should, too.

A Reputation for Excellence

While Mann Eye Institute has grown exponentially over the past four decades to add locations across our area—including parts of Austin, Sugar Land, Cleveland, and more—we still adhere to the values that Dr. Mike Mann founded his practice on: to create an eye care practice that provides the latest, safest advancements in ophthalmology with a singular focus on the people who entrust him with their vision. Along the way, he made sure each person who joined his growing practice shared his commitment to treating every patient with honor, respect, and dignity.

So when you’re considering LASIK to improve your vision, see us first. FDA-approved since 1995, LASIK is the most popular elective surgery in the United States. Isn’t it time you joined the millions of people who have changed every aspect of their lives by eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses?

Just because LASIK is a popular procedure doesn’t mean anyone can perform the surgery safely and effectively. Trust the doctors at Mann Eye Institute, led by Dr. Mike Mann, a U.S. Air Force veteran Flight Surgeon, who was named one of Forbes magazine’s Top 10 LASIK surgeons. With proud Texas roots and a commitment to his neighbors, Dr. Mann has assembled the best of the best when it comes to ophthalmologists who care about their patients’ eye health.

Our Difference Is Visible

It’s a difference you’ll notice the moment you make your first appointment. Most patients who are nearsighted (can’t see distances), farsighted (can’t see up close) or have astigmatism (blurring at both distances) can achieve 20/20 vision or even better with LASIK, but there are exceptions. Our free consultation lets us determine if you’re a good candidate for LASIK surgery.

The Mann Eye Institute experienced team will conduct an in-depth exam, the most essential step in LASIK success. Your appointment will include testing for dry eye, ocular pressure, pupil dilation, and corneal topography and thickness. We’ll also screen your visual field and its acuity and refractive error while determining the general health of your eyes. Yes, it’s a thorough exam, and yes, it’s completely free.

After you’ve been deemed a good candidate for LASIK, you’ll meet your surgeon, who will personally guide you through your journey to better vision. Because even though every office provides the latest technical advancements in ophthalmology, our greatest asset is our team of physicians. They live in the communities where they work. They get to know and want the very best for their patients. You become their extended family. They are the reason Mann Eye Institute has become the trusted leader in eye care for more than 40 years.

We See No Obstacles to Better Vision

So if you’re ready to see better, what’s stopping you from exploring LASIK surgery? The cost? Over time, you can actually save money by eliminating the ongoing expense of glasses or contact lenses. And while LASIK is considering an elective procedure and is typically not covered by insurance, let us see if your health or vision insurance will provide some coverage or join the many people who use their tax-free flexible spending accounts. Plus we have affordable payment plans that fit nearly every budget.

We’d love to help you see better so you can enjoy the little things—and the big ones, too—like never having to worry about where your glasses are or refilling your contact lens subscription. Come see our family and trust the professionals at Mann Eye Institute. Schedule your free consultation today!