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Choosing to have LASIK is about so much more than just improving your vision for convenience’s sake. It is a tangible way to make lasting improvements in your quality of life. There are many reasons why a young, working professional in Houston might choose laser vision correction surgery with Mann Eye Institute. Here are three of the most common:

Professional Development

If you’ve lived with glasses or contact lenses most of your life, you might be surprised by the dramatic difference that clear vision can make in your daily work. Whether you work in the classroom, the courtroom, the boardroom, or anything in between, LASIK will make it easier to pursue your profession with confidence.

This is the Most Active Time of Your Life

You’re young and strong. You know how to work hard AND play hard. When you’re working out, swimming or hiking with friends, glasses or contacts are the last thing you want to have on your mind. With LASIK, you can enjoy all the activities you love without any interferences or interruptions.

The Convenience of Great Vision

To begin with, there is the fundamental convenience of not having to deal with contact lenses, solution or glasses. You may be used to wearing your glasses or contacts and don’t even give it much thought. But imagine your life withOUT those inconveniences!

  • Wake up in the morning and not have to fumble for your glasses to see the alarm clock…
  • A daily workout without your glasses bouncing around on your face or sliding off…
  • You can choose fun and trendy (non-prescription) sunglasses…

This is just a sample of why many young, working professionals have chosen LASIK eye surgery. People are unique so their individual reasons for choosing LASIK will be unique as well.

Chat with us here at Mann Eye Institute at our Houston or Austin location today to learn more about laser eye surgery and if it might be the next best move for you (and your career!)