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Who’s ready for some football?! Whether you are a Friday Night Lights high school football fan, a college football fanatic or a Monday night armchair quarterback, the best season of the year is finally here.

But what if you aren’t experiencing the game at the level you could be? If your vision is less than ideal, and you wear either glasses or contacts, why not consider LASIK surgery in Houston? You could see the game (and all of life) with more clarity than ever before.

Having LASIK might not guarantee your team has a winning season but it could afford YOU a great view of the game you love. All day. Every day.

Here are three ways LASIK can help you enjoy football season to the fullest:

1. You can actually SEE what’s happening in the play – Admit it. It’s hard to argue with the ref’s call when you didn’t really see it, right? Have LASIK and you could be seeing all the key plays with crisp, clear vision.

2. Tailgates are for grilling burgers, hot dogs and playing cornhole, not for fussing with your contact lenses – Grill smoke in your eyes? Don’t rub them and risk losing a contact! With LASIK surgery, you could see better than ever and nothing (not even contacts or glasses) will stand between you and a great view of the game or the pre-game party.

3. No more worries about losing or breaking your expensive prescription sunglasses – Diehard football fans can get a little crazy. Make sure you’re unencumbered and ready to cheer, jump up and down, fist pump; whatever is needed to cheer your team onto victory!

LASIK surgery has been performed on more than 25 million people around the world in the last 25 years, making it one of the most popular elective procedures available. And studies confirm that LASIK has higher satisfaction rates than any other elective surgery. LASIK surgery at Mann Eye Institute is quick, virtually painless and can greatly enhance your quality of life.

Why not change the view of your life this football season? It’s the ideal time. Start the process by taking our LASIK self-evaluation! Then click here to schedule your FREE LASIK consultation with Mann Eye Institute & Laser Center today.