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While LASIK has been around for quite a while now, many people still hold misconceptions of the procedure that were instilled years ago.

Today’s LASIK vision correction technologies are much safer and more effective than in the procedure’s “early days” of the 1990s. When introduced, it was more common for patients who had LASIK to experience pain and limited sight for an extended period after their surgery. Often, patients in the 1990s needed multiple treatments, and the risk for complications after the procedure was higher than it is today. However, advancements in laser technologies have changed the ‘game,’ and LASIK today is a different story.

Does Modern LASIK Improve Vision Immediately?

The vast majority of LASIK patients notice that their vision is dramatically improved almost immediately after surgery, and they experience increased visual clarity and sharpness within a few days of undergoing the procedure.

Does Modern LASIK Cause Fewer Complications?


LASIK, like all medical procedures, carry some risk and potential side effects. Most often, dry eye and mild inflammation are the most prevalent complications. However, these symptoms are normally minor and go away in a few weeks with routine drop use. As a whole, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, modern LASIK has minimal complications when compared to the first FDA-approved procedures in 1998.

The best way to avoid most side effects and experience optimal results is to follow you doctor’s postoperative instructions closely.

But, What Makes LASIK Safer Today?

Instead of using a scalpel, modern LASIK procedures like the ones performed at Mann Eye Institute are performed with a short-wavelength excimer laser. Computer-guided femtosecond lasers then reshape the cornea. The use of computer technology removes the potential for human error, thus minimizing the risk for complications. Be careful when choosing your LASIK surgeon, however, because while modern LASIK is available, not all practices have adopted the latest laser technology. The best way to spot these practices are if they are offering bottom-dollar, too-good-to-believe pricing.

The FDA, National Eye Institute and Department of Defense have studied these risks extensively and concluded 99% of those who undergo LASIK do NOT experience major complications and their abilities to carry out basic, normal tasks in the days after surgery. In fact, the Department of Defense uses the procedure to correct the vision of those who enroll in the military.

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