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August means lots of things to lots of people. End of summer, back to school. But if you live in Texas, you know it’s way too soon to get excited about fall. August ushers in those dog days of summer, where your only hope of escaping the heat is to find some air conditioning.

August is also National Eye Exam Month, and here at Mann Eye Institute, we think that makes it the perfect time to talk about our favorite topic: vision! We know there are a lot of serious things going on in the world today, with people concerned about everything from the COVID-19 health pandemic to unemployment to election season this fall to what the school year is going to look like for students.

We know you have a lot on your plate, but here are five great reasons you should care about National Eye Exam Month:


Grandma was right; an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. For example, if you know you have diabetes, you should commit to regular eye exams, so that any signs of retinopathy can be identified and addressed early. It might just save your sight! At Mann Eye, we provide comprehensive retina care.


Where many eye conditions and diseases are concerned, early detection can save your sight. An annual comprehensive eye exam at Mann Eye Institute is so much more than determining your vision prescription. It can alert us to eye conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. In those cases, we can implement early intervention techniques to protect your vision for a lifetime.

Digital Eye Strain

Without a doubt, people of all ages are more “plugged in” than ever before. Add to that the current surge in online learning and remote work, and screen time issues are reaching epic new levels. Guess what else is on the rise? Dry eye. And it’s no coincidence! While dry eye symptoms could be related to allergies or environment, most experts agree that doing near work on smartphones and computers—such as emailing, texting, viewing, working or gaming—can be blamed for much of the increase in dry eye symptoms in recent years. At Mann Eye Institute, we specialize in diagnosing and treating the root cause of your dry eye.

Freedom (from glasses and contacts)

Technology is a wonderful thing, and thanks to many great advancements in the field of laser vision correction, you have the opportunity to enjoy improved vision without the hassles of glasses and contacts with advanced LASIK. Our experienced LASIK surgeons have decades of experience. Not sure if you’re a candidate? Take our LASIK self-test to find out!

See Life Better!

For us, it’s so much more than a catchy tagline. We want every patient we are honored to serve to experience Seeing Life Better for themselves. From your first pair of contacts or laser vision correction to middle-age reading vision help to restore sight after cataract surgery, Mann Eye Institute is Texas’ trusted eye care provider for a lifetime.

And how about a bonus reason? All August long, we’re offering our exclusive Friends and Family pricing on LASIK! It’s our best pricing of the year, and you won’t want to miss out!

August has never looked so good! No more sweat in your contact or your glasses slipping down your nose as you walk the dog. It’s just our way of doing our part to make August more bearable for Texans.

Schedule your comprehensive eye exam today and, while you’re at it, schedule your FREE LASIK consultation! See Life Better for yourself. Welcome to the Mann Eye family; we look forward to seeing you!