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When Mann Eye Institute optometrist Dr. Marty Baumohl decided to have Refractive Lens Exchange to correct his own vision, he knew he’d love the freedom of seeing well without the hassles of glasses and contacts, but he didn’t anticipate how much it would enhance his ability to relate and empathize with his patients.

People come to an eye doctor expecting expert analysis of their ocular health and current ocular issues as well as expert treatments. But what actually makes an eye doctor an expert in addressing patients’ complaints or concerns?

Education and experience are certainly important, but Dr. Baumohl believes there is more.

Experience Equals Empathy

Dr. Baumohl, who sees patients at the Spring location, also believes there is something to be said for the value of firsthand experience. After all, a fertility specialist who has actually experienced fertility issues or a divorce attorney who has been through a divorce brings a different level of understanding to the table. How about an eye doctor who’s actually worn progressive lenses or gas-permeable contact lenses? Exactly.

“As eye doctors, we don’t need to experience a retinal detachment or age-related macular degeneration to provide the best plans for our patients, but if we had, there is a certain empathy and credibility in our words that enhances our role as doctors.”

—Dr. Baumohl

Dr. Baumohl feels fortunate to have recently undergone a bilateral RLE procedure with Dr. Mike Mann. While his treatment recommendations and daily routine with his RLE and cataract patients are no different now, being able to say ‘I’ve been there’ or to confidently identify with certain things patients may tell him post-operatively is something he refers to as “pure gold”.

Why RLE?

In a word, customizable. Refractive Lens Exchange is a customizable vision correction solution that has helped countless people see clearly with reduced dependency on glasses, contacts and readers. If you’ve been told you’re not an ideal candidate for LASIK, RLE could be right for you.

As an added bonus, it even eliminates the possibility of cataracts ever forming in the future. That’s right! Refractive Lens Exchange can correct your vision issue now and remove the possibility of cataracts in the future!

With RLE, sometimes called Clear Lens Exchange, the eye’s natural lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens to improve vision. This is done in a comfortable, outpatient setting. Depending on the Active Life Lens you choose, Refractive Lens Exchange could effectively reduce your daily dependency on glasses, contacts and even reading glasses.

“I can tell you the experience was completely pain-free. I was back to work within 48 hours after I left the table. One thing I always wondered about before the surgery was if things had an artificial tinge to them afterward—if things looked simply different than with a natural lens. I can tell you the answer is no.”

—Dr. Baumohl

See Life Better

Dr. Baumohl couldn’t be more thrilled with his decision to have Refractive Lens Exchange.

“I’m enjoying the best vision I have known in decades. Every employee of Mann Eye Institute needs to take a minute to fully appreciate the miracle we provide on a daily basis and the incredible team they are fortunate enough to be a part of.”

—Dr. Baumohl

To See Life Better is life-changing. And however you like to live your life, having improved, unrestricted vision can give you the freedom to enjoy it all the more.

Ready to start your own See Life Better story? Whether you’re sick of hassling with glasses and contacts, experiencing over-40 vision (aka having to reach for your reading glasses) or in need of a cataract consultation, we’d love to talk to you about all our amazing vision correction options. Schedule today.