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It’s Our Birthday, but the Gift is For You!

Who is turning 44 and feeling fabulous?! It’s us!! This month, Mann Eye Institute is celebrating 44 years of helping Texans See Life Better, 44 years of changing lives by improving vision. And we’re feeling, well, just fabulous about it. So fabulous that we are celebrating all month long with our Big Birthday LASIK Bundle, which comes complete with your comprehensive LASIK screening and all follow-up care, plus:

$1000 OFF ADVANCED LASIK customized to your unique vision with the latest technology in the hands of Texas’ trusted LASIK surgeons

A FREE PAIR OF RAY-BAN® SUNGLASSES of your choosing from our exceptional selection of current styles



We love to talk about LASIK. We really do! And we truly love to help people understand what an exciting opportunity it really is when it comes to enjoying visual freedom without the hassles and restrictions of glasses and contacts.

So why LASIK?

Do you want to work out without worry about your glasses slipping off or sweat in your contact?
How would it feel to wake up and see the clock without reaching for your glasses?
Would you like to get rid of all the cleaners, solutions and gear for your contacts?

There are a million reasons people choose to have LASIK. But a common theme is freedom. Visual freedom, yes. But also freedom from being bound to glasses and contacts to be able to see. Happy patient stories here.

Why Mann Eye for LASIK?

In a word, trust. You can trust Mann Eye Institute with your precious sight. We understand that these are your one and only set of eyes. And you need them for a lifetime! We promise to treat you as if you are a member of our own family. Because to us, you are!

For another thing, experience. A new day in vision correction, LASIK received FDA approval in 1999. Do you know who was there from day one? Among the very first eye surgeons in Texas to perform this amazing procedure? You guessed it. Dr. Mike Mann was a true pioneer in this procedure, and we’ve been running in this lane ever since.

At Mann Eye, our board-certified eye surgeons are among the most experienced in the country. Unlike some LASIK factory-style practices, you’ll know exactly who is performing your procedure at Mann Eye because you will meet your surgeon prior to surgery day. And you will have all of your questions and concerns addressed before you ever step foot into the surgery suite.

Did you know that so many of our very own eye doctors have had LASIK themselves! Many patients have told us they appreciate knowing their surgeon trusted in the procedure so much, they had it themselves!

And finally, technology. We know that technology plays into results, so here at Mann Eye Institute, we aim to always provide the latest diagnostic and treatment technology, including state-of-the-art laser platforms, for your LASIK procedure.

Decades of experience? Yes. The latest proven technologies? Absolutely. But there are so many more reasons to choose Mann Eye Institute for your LASIK procedure. From the first time you step foot into our offices to your surgery day and all your post-operative appointments, our goal is this—providing an amazing, memorable, life-changing experience, visual freedom without the hassles of glasses and contacts and a lifetime membership in the Mann Eye Family.

Why Now for LASIK?

Well, besides this being the month to take advantage of the Big Birthday LASIK Bundle, there are a few other reasons that now just may be the ideal time to say YES to LASIK at Mann Eye Institute.

Did you know you can use your Flex Spending Account on LASIK? Well, you can! And those funds don’t roll over into the new year, so use them before you lose them! If you’re not sure how all that works, we can help.

Couple those FSA dollars with your Health Savings Account and our affordable financing options, and now is a great FABULOUS time to have LASIK at Mann Eye Institute!

Schedule your free, no-obligation LASIK consultation today and let’s get this (birthday) party started!