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Remember the old adage “you get what you pay for”? Well, it might be old but it’s certainly true. And when it comes to the care of your eyes, quality matters. After all, you only get one set of eyes, so it’s vitally important to take care of them, making sure they are healthy and functioning well for a lifetime.

If you are considering LASIK surgery to correct your vision, congratulations! LASIK is a life-changing procedure that has helped millions of people just like you enjoy the freedom of great vision without the hindrance of glasses and contacts. In fact, if you’re ready to schedule your consultation you can click the button below.

Still wondering what the high cost of cheap LASIK is? Let us explain.

Why Technology Matters

It is important to do your research and know the facts. Not all LASIK practices are the same and not every practice uses the latest and most successful technology. One question you should definitely ask is what laser technology is used. Older lasers can drive the price down, but they are less precise and offer a less predictable and customized outcome. So those “Best LASIK Prices in Town” are often on procedures that use older technology.

Moral of the story: Do your research and make sure you are purchasing the quality procedure you are looking for. If you want great vision, it takes great technology!

The Mann Eye Difference

Mann Eye Institute is completely dedicated to giving patients what they deserve – experienced surgeons using the latest laser vision technology available. It is Mann Eye’s promise to you.

We Don’t Use A Blade. (Ouch)

Go ahead. Let out that sigh of relief. It’s all laser, all the time. You’re welcome.

We Don’t Cut Corners.

We don’t offer old technology to save ourselves a few bucks. The latest technology is important to your results so it’s important to us.

We Don’t Bait And Switch.

You’ve seen it…you are offered a ridiculously low starting price, only to be nickel and dime you later. We’ve all been there. We value our patients too much to be anything but up-front.

“Patients sometimes ask why we choose one form of technology over another – ‘does it really make a difference? Won’t the results be good regardless of the type of laser that we use?'” said Dr. Mike Mann, founder of Mann Eye Institute. “Based on my years of experience, I know with 100% certainty that technology is vital to outcomes.”

How We Make LASIK Affordable

Affordable Financing Options

We believe quality eye care should be available to everyone. That’s why we’ve made it easy to get the vision care you need through affordable financing. Our counselors will be pleased to work with you during your appointment to help you select a payment plan that meets your budget needs.

Vision Plan Discounts

Did you know that if you have a vision plan, you likely will qualify for exclusive discounts? See how much your vision plan can save you on LASIK today.

When you take advantage of both these wonderful opportunities to pay for LASIK, plus how much you could actually save by having LASIK (yes, you read that right) into consideration, All-Laser LASIK with advanced technology suddenly starts to look pretty affordable.

Have you had your free consultation yet? If not, let’s change that. It’s time to See Life Better. Visit our locations pages for more information on LASIK in Austin and the surrounding areas.