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The Freedom of LASIK – Destiny’s LASIK Story

Destiny decided it was time to say goodbye to glasses and contacts. Now, she has the freedom to do the things she loves without having to worry about them. This is Destiny’s LASIK story: “I wanted to get LASIK for quite some time, but I was very nervous. A friend/co-worker referred me to Mann Eye… Read More

Vision Fit for a Hunter – John’s LASIK Story

John was frustrated with the everyday struggle of wearing glasses and contacts. After doing some research on LASIK, he contacted us. His only regret – not doing it sooner! This is John’s LASIK story: “Being an avid hunter, my vision is very important to me. As I have gotten older it has become more challenging… Read More

Just in Time for a Scenic Vacation – Briana’s LASIK Story

After years of discomfort from glasses and contacts, Briana decided it was time for LASIK.  While on vacation in Napa Valley, she truly got to enjoy her new and improved vision while at the top of Bald Mountain on a nature hike. This is Briana’s LASIK story: “When I finally had enough of contacts and wanted… Read More

I Didn’t Even Know I was a Candidate – A “Krash” Kourse in Better Vision

If you live in Austin, you know Krash Kelly. The popular radio personality and program director at Bob FM 103.5 in Austin is a household name and a favorite among listeners. Krash had been living his life and enjoying great vision without glasses and contacts for several years. Then quite suddenly, everything changed. “The onset… Read More

See the Green Better – David’s LASIK story

David is a longtime golfer. Glasses and contacts were always a big inconvenience when he was on the course, so he decided it was time to make a change. This is David’s LASIK story: “Since the time I was 8 years old, two things have been consistent in my life: golfing and prescription lenses. First… Read More

No More Blurred Guessing on Long Shots for Andy

Andy Thomas is an avid hunter and fisher, so glasses and contacts simply do not mesh well with his favorite outdoor activities. What did he do about that? LASIK! This is Andy’s LASIK story: “I went back for my post-op appointment and my vision was 20/15!!! That’s the clearest I have ever seen in my entire… Read More

From Coke Bottle Glasses to Confident: Emily’s LASIK Story

I got glasses before I could even talk or walk. I was one of those babies with the glasses that coil around their ears. Through childhood, I was always self-conscious about my ‘coke bottle glasses’ (thick lenses). I had six eye surgeries growing up, so needless to say, I have trust issues with my eyes…. Read More

I was Never Going to Have LASIK…Until I Did

Would you trust a LASIK surgeon who wears glasses? The question nagged at Dr. Jennifer Melton when she was a nearsighted young surgeon in training. At the beginning of her career, Dr. Melton, now a board-certified ophthalmologist at Mann Eye Institute in Houston, had decided she probably wouldn’t ever have laser vision surgery herself, although… Read More

Houston Family of Surgeons Believes in Longevity of LASIK

Mike Mann, MD has been a trendsetter in the medical community in Houston, Texas for more than 30 years. His internationally renowned ophthalmology practice Mann Eye Institute has been at the forefront of vision correction surgery since its inception. With multiple locations in Houston and Austin, Mann Eye Institute is an industry leader in refractive… Read More

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